Asbestos/Silica And Toxic Tort Litigation

KCESD attorneys have extensive experience in litigating, coordinating, and supervising nationwide litigation of asbestos/silica bodily injury and property damage coverage under primary and excess policies. Our litigation experience has enabled us to develop solid offensive and defensive strategies based on our extensive knowledge of the pertinent policy language and relevant case law.

In addition, we have represented clients in nationwide and international coverage matters arising from exposures to other toxic substances, such as Benzene and PEC, as well as cases involving blood products, breast implants and other medical devices, welding rods, lead paint, and mold. We regularly litigate the coverage issues associated with the presentation of these claims to our clients. KCESD has extensive experience addressing the impact of an insured’s bankruptcy upon the defense and payment of such claims as well as ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected within the bankruptcy proceeding itself.