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All of our litigation
efforts are aimed at achieving the best result possible on behalf of our clients in the most cost-effective manner. Our clients’ interests are foremost in all of our representations. If exposure is significant, we may take a leading role in the litigation; when exposure is moderate, our role could be greatly reduced; and if exposure is remote, we explore creative ways to seek an early dismissal. Our goal in every instance is to provide our clients with the best, most efficient defense and early case resolution whenever possible.

As a general rule, our firm assigns one supervising Member (Partner) as the principal client contact with overall responsibility and as the handling attorney on the case, one associate to address the day-to-day matters, and one legal assistant. For larger cases, we increase staffing as appropriate.

Our firm’s paramount concern is to staff the litigation with attorneys and paralegals in the manner that will best protect the interests of our insurer clients. We emphasize the importance of prompt and reliable communication with our clients and of our constant effort to ensure that the client remains in control of the case to the extent they so desire. Our commitment is reflected in our attitude toward keeping the client fully informed and in our approach to staffing.