Our national practice includes all aspects of complex, multi-party environmental coverage litigation and case management, involving both comprehensive general liability policies and environmental liability policies for occurrence-based and claims-made coverages. Many of our clients’ policyholders are Fortune 500 companies engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, solvents, and other chemicals or in industries that utilize hazardous materials as part of their ongoing business. As a result, we regularly represent our clients in high-profile, multi-site actions regarding environmental waste sites that were the subject of state or federal clean-up actions as well as private party actions.

Our experience with environmental impairment policies enables us to provide advice and representation to issuers of traditional comprehensive general liability policies, as well as to specialized pollution insurers.

Our firm often takes the lead or coordinating role in the case management of complex environmental insurance coverage litigation. This experience in coordinating joint defense efforts and building a consensus among defense groups enables us to advance our clients’ interests efficiently and effectively.